CSC PARTNER: $2,500-$4,999
CSC BENEFACTOR: $1,000-$2,499
CSC SPONSOR $500-$999

Pilgrim Bank Foundation
South Shore Music Circus
Social Service League of Cohasset
Gary and Anne Vanderweil
CSC PARTNER: $2,500-$4,999
CSC BENEFACTOR: $1,000-$2,499
The Armstrong Family
The Jackson Family
Cohasset Hospitality Partners
SPONSOR $500-$999
Rick and Gitte Shea
Daniel and Kelly Bliss
Caroline and John Coffey
The Rodgers
John & Catherine Harvey
The Elfner Family
Jim and Patty Ann Zotz
Annette and Wayne Sawchuk
Sean Casey and Whitney Orwig
Tom Baker & Melissa Hill
Caitlin and Paul Appleton
Nick and Kathy Anderson
The Welsh Family
Abington Bank
Susan Howorth Pritchard
CSC PATRON: $250-$499

Tom and Helen Daley
Margaret and Paul Cotter
Dippold Family
The O’Keefe Family
The Driscoll Family
South Shore Collaborative
Ed Seksay & Trish Dandrow
John & Christine Whoriskey
Steve, Matthew & Cathy Forest
The Burnieika Family
Patrick and Cory Donnelly
William Weeks
Sandy and Jim Theriault
Will, Gray and Bailey Thomas
Skrine Family
The Torchia Family
Terrance Granahan

CSC FRIEND: $100-$249
Blanchard Family
Mike and Carol Sasso
Fulton Family
Owen and Julia Kenney
Chauncy and Mike Cunning
Joe & Lilly Sestito and Family
The Fine Family
The Beaulieu Family
The Malatesta Family
Michael and Josephine White
The Babka Family
The Spofford Family
Jalbert Family
Rafferty Family
Albert and Joan Buckley
The Mavilia Family
Charles Henry & Kathleen Fox
Jim and Maureen Kearney
Chris, Kimberly & Kate Mcgowan
Paul and Brandy Chapman
Jennifer & John Madden
The Haggerty Family
The Spofford Family
The Krumsiek Family

Patricia Leggat
Brian and Maggie Levy
Angela Abate
John & Heather Dockray
Joe & Ruth Nedrow
The Dunn Family
Jerry & Nicole Stonehouse
Heger Family
Berry & Sites Family
Stonehouse Family
Jennifer and Michael Boylan
Giglio Family
Jean Healey Dippold
The Evans Family
Lisa and Jack Creighton
New England Health and Safety Training
Tim and Susie Davis
The Signorelli Family – Sheryl Percy
Michael & Elaine Coyne
The Musto Family
Andrea Kinnealey

CSC DONOR: Up to $99
Jean M Alexander
Marty Narten
Melissa Dunn
Dionisio Family
Mary Kjer
Gary and Debbie Anderson
Kevin & Nicole Henry and Family
Ken and Ellen Warner
Ed and Elaine Curran
Andrew & Colleen Simms
Dick and Jane O’Brien
Mary and Ron Goodwin
The Nelson Family
The Emmett O’Brien Family
Elaine Coyne
Garry and Linda Gardner
David Bigley
Mark Bell
Ryan and Caren McGrath
The Tobias
Margot Cheel
The Carter / Hawes Family